SSS Re\arise



May 27th, 2023SAT–Jun 11th, 2023SUN

Gallery Nucleus / 210 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801, United States
OPEN 12:00 – CLOSE 20:00

February 18th, 2023SAT–April 2th, 2023SUN

HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO / 601-8044 Higashikujo Aketacho 7, Minami Ward, Kyoto
OPEN 10:00 – CLOSE 20:00

June 11th, 2022SAT–June 19th, 2022SUN

STUMP BASE (ex-MORIO STUDIO) 1F / 6-5-45, Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
OPEN 10:00 – CLOSE 21:00(LAST DAY CLOSE – 18:00)


Illustrators who create comic/anime-style art and are active online have proven to be highly popular, especially among younger generations. The Internet allows cultures to intermix, free from the constraints of time and space, leading to chaotic and beautiful creations.

However, this potential is still being molded within society today, and remains an undefined possibility waiting to be discovered.

Illustrations have been given various purposes throughout the ages, functioning as a medium to create value. It has evolved over the course of history to transmit and create.

Today, the definition what an illustrator is has become quite broad, and illustrations have used in ways that would have seemed inconceivable in the past. So, what value can we create today, and what will the illustrator of the future look like?

That is what Re\arise seeks to discover. The essence of being both art and product.



We, SSS by applibot, are a group of creators that define ourselves as “Unknown Value”. Our mission is to reveal and define unexampled values to the world. SSS consists of creators who have great experience in various industries such as anime, games and light novels and our artwork is created as a team by infusing the talent and sensitivities of each individual to define values yet to be known.


  • PALOW.

    Character designer/illustrator PALOW. creates art across a wide variety of media, including anime, video games, advertisements, music, and publications. His signature art style incorporates geometric patterns into a mix of fantasy and science fiction elements.
    Notable contributions are as follows: Vsingers KAF and RIM (character design, virtual branding) / 2016 TV ad for the trade school HAL (character design) / 2018 League of Legends animated trailer (character design for animated characters) / “The Relative Worlds” (character design)

  • Mai Yoneyama

    Mai Yoneyama is an illustrator / animator from Nagano. She has worked as an animation director and character designer for various animation projects including “Kiznaiver,” “Kill La Kill,” and “Promare”. In 2018, she began working as an illustrator, designing book covers and advertisements.
    She held her fist solo exhibition “SHE” in 2019, and her latest exhibit “EGO” took place in 2021. While her art is despite being created digitally, her artwork seemlessly incorporates the printing method of the illustration and the material it is printed on.