June 11th, 2022SAT
June 19th, 2022SUN

SSS Re\arise

  • PALOW.
  • Yoneyama Mai
  • taiki
  • Sevnzel
  • NAJI Yanagida
  • Main Designer

    Tomoyuki Arima


6-5-45, Aoyama, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0062

OPEN 10:00 – CLOSE 21:00
(LAST DAY CLOSE – 18:00)


About SSS

We, SSS by applibot, are a group of creators that define ourselves as “Unknown Value”. Our mission is to reveal and define unexampled values to the world. SSS consists of creators who have great experience in various industries such as anime, games and light novels and our artwork is created as a team by infusing the talent and sensitivities of each individual to define values yet to be known.


Character Designer/Illustrator

PALOW. creates art across a wide variety of media, including anime, video games, advertisements, music, and publications.
His signature art style incorporates geometric patterns into a mix of fantasy and science fiction elements.
Notable contributions are as follows:
- Vsingers KAF and RIM (character design, virtual branding)
- 2016 TV ad for the trade school HAL (character design)
- 2018 League of Legends animated trailer (character design for animated characters)
- The Relative Worlds (character design)
His personal works include Throne: Mushi Mecha Shojo and All Equal.

Mai Yoneyama


A native of Nagano, Mai Yoneyama has worked as an animation director and character designer for various animation projects including Kiznaiver, Kill La Kill, and Promare.
In 2018, she began working as an illustrator, designing book covers and advertisements. She held her fist solo exhibition SHE in 2019, and her latest exhibit EGO took place in 2021.
Despite being created digitally, her artwork seamlessly incorporates the printing method of the illustration and the material it is printed on.


Illustrator/Character Designer

taiki specializes in character design and illustrations for mobile and console video games.
His notable works include the Lord of Vermilion series, Racing Miku 2015 Ver., Digimon World: Next Order, and Oninaki.


Illustrator/Character Designer

A native of Kyoto, BUNBUN specializes in artwork for light novels, as well as character designs for anime and video games. He has been a freelance illustrator since 2004.
BUNBUN has drawn artwork for over one hundred light novels and has released four artbooks.
His notable works include character design and illustrations for Sword Art Online, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Izetta: The Last Witch, and Sakura Quest.


Illustrator/Character Designer

Sevnzel’s notable works include the following:
- Pokémon Trading Card Game (card illustrations)
- Pokémon Sun and Moon (Pokémon Trainer design)
- TV ad for the NEC LAVIE VEGA laptop (character design)
- TENSAI TV-KUN hello, (character design)
He is also the creator of #424D99, a fully colored art comic that has been serialized on Twitter since November 2020.

NAJI Yanagida

Illustrator/Character Designer

NAJI Yanagida specializes in illustrations and character design for video games and light novels. He has provided illustrations for light novels such as Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling and Jiisama ga Iku, as well as the cover art for the Japanese publication of the young adult novel Defy the Stars.


Illustrator/Character Designer

ISSSAI works in a variety of fields including video games, film, advertisements, and education, creating art with a traditional Japanese touch.
Notable works include:
- FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 (monster design)
- LORD of SOULS (character design/art director)
- Ryu ga Gotoku Kizuna (art director)
- NieR Re[in]carnation (chapter illustrations)
- Mafumafu Tribute Album: Tensei (concept art)